Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bean mill, Potato, Onion and Cabbage Soup

Although the title is enough to gag any first grader, or person (like myself) accustomed to consuming mass quantities of meat and cheese (this recipe lacks both) it was actually....dare I say...delicious. Half-hazardly strolling through an organic grocery store one day, I picked up a pack of bean-mill, a rather un-appetizing bag of dried beans. You have to soak these little legumes for about an hour in boiling water, or over night in luke warm water (the bag will contain directions) but being the impatient and hungry person I am, I went for the hour long option. I tend to be a "dash of this, pinch of that" seasoner, which for your sake I will try to adjust to actual measurements, but I added a "pinch" of red cayenne pepper, a copius ammount of garlic salt, and a few tablespoons of chicken bouillion (for your sake I will say around 4, but adjust to tase). I let the beans boil for a few minutes as I cut up a few red- potatos (2 to be exact) and added some red onion and cabbage. It turned out really well. For those of you not ready to bid adieu to carbs altogether, I have recently purchased inerja flat bread. This little lifesaver is an ethiopian style flatbread containg teff as opposed to wheat, and it just so happens to be packed full of nutrients and gluten free and vegan. It tastes a bit like a sourdough flatbread, it's very soft and surprisingly moist. Anyway, officially created a recipe I am happy to share with the world. Here you are.

For those of you just wanting me to cut to the chase and give you the ingredients here:

1/2 bag of bean mill (apx 2 cups)
apx 6 cups of boiling water (drain a bit once the water gets boiling, the ammount helps the beans to soften)
3 tbs of chicken bouillon
2 tbs of garlic salt
1 tsp of red cayenne pepper
2 red potatos
1/4 chopped red onion
1 cup of shredded cabbage
Simmer for about 1 hr.

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